Daniel Hindrikes

Daniel is a developer and architect that has his passion for developing mobile apps powered by the cloud. Daniel has been developed iOS- and Android with Xamarin since the early days of Xamarin. But he started to develop mobile apps even before that, mostly on the Android- and Windows platforms.

Daniel enjoying to share his knowledge by speaking, blogging or recording the podcasts, App In The Cloud and The Code Behind. Daniel is also co-author of the book, Xamarin.Forms projects and a Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies.

Daniel working for tretton37 in Sweden and he has experience for working with both local- and global customers.


  • Let’s go to MAUI

    .NET MAUI (Multi-Platform App User interface) is the next generation of Xamarin.Forms. But is more than just “Xamarin.Forms 6.0”. Microsoft has done a large architecture update to make it more extensible and to improve the performance. .NET MAUI also has a focus on both mobile and desktop compared with Xamarin.Forms that had the main focus […]